A New Favorite in New Orleans

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During my most recent visit to New Orleans, I discovered a new (to me) favorite jazz pianist…Kris Tokarski. He’s even caught the ears of legendary and delightful jazz journalist, Michael Steinman, who writes the popular blog, Jazz Lives. I have to agree with Michael’s comments in his post regarding Kris:

Kris has a strong but never overbearing reverence for the melody; his touch is lovely; he knows how to breathe through a phrase, when to leave notes out, how to create subtle carpets of harmony and oceanic swells of rhythm.

I caught Kris at the Bombay Club the other day, down in the Quarter, and recorded the above video with my iPhone. It’s the title song from Kris’s cd, “Drop Me Off in Harlem” which can be purchased here as a download or a physical cd to be shipped to your home.

Cover art for cd from Kris TokarskiWhen I’m in New Orleans, you can be assured I’ll find where Kris is playing and will be there. Currently, he has a pretty regular gig at The Bombay Club at 830 Conti Street.

I’ve never hesitated to go there alone, by the way,  since it seems to attract a fairly upscale crowd (for the Quarter). The only downside is that, because they serve dinner, people are there primarily to socialize and eat. They’re not there to listen to music (like me). So it can get a bit noisy and they’re not always the most appreciative of the wonderful musical talent playing in the background. Make sure to clap loudly and you may have a few break away from their intriguing dinner conversation to join in…. The musician(s) will appreciate it greatly and will likely stop to chat with you between sets!

Speaking of which, Kris has been assembling some fantastic talent for duos/trios on Thursday. You can see more of these videos on my YouTube Channel. I’ll likely post a couple more on my blog, as well.

Seriously, Kris is worth going to see wherever he’s playing….


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