Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr Piffles

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Piff the Magic Dragon and Mr Piffles were in Houston recently while I was there…it was a lucky thing to catch them as they were one of this years finalists for America’s Got Talent. I recorded Piff’s three shows; but, decided to post this little snippet under seven minutes. A few people in front of me managed to make videoing the event a challenge…well that, and the wine I had! I did the best I could with the editing. Ultimately, I got frustrated after editing just this little bit. That said, the video shows one of my favorite acts where Mr. Piffles helps Piff find the card!

The photos above are me holding Mr Piffles…the poor little thing was shaking like a leaf. He’s a cute little dog and has his own Facebook page here!

If you get a chance, visit Piff the Magic Dragon’s website here to see if he’s coming to your town. I also liked Piff’s Facebook page here, so I see when he gets booked around the country.


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  1. Andrew
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    If you have never owned a Chihuahua, let me tell you, they are one of the lowest-cost creatures I have ever met. A bag of food lasts three months. They are far more loyal than most of the relationships I’ve had. And their magic skills are second to none.

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