Cross My Heart Purse


Named “Cross My Heart,” this exceptional handbag is sure to draw attention. Six pretty white pearl flowers with fuchsia centers dance cheerfully along the bead encrusted border of this striking suede paneled bag. Two large amber colored cabochons boldly capture your eye and dress up the butterscotch colored center panel.

The back of the bag is identical to the front, as Morgan (one of our resident poupees, sold separately) demonstrates, except for the large cabochons. In their place are three simple amber stones.

Look at the amazing handle and how the end curls up and is capped off by a dazzling handmade beads studded with seed beads of blue, orange and green.

This bag is very versatile because of all the multicolored beads…it will go with almost any outfit…. Dress it up or down, because of its beauty, you’re sure to be complimented on your exquisite taste.

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The original tag is attached. Please note that each bag is created by hand…you need to be careful with them. The handbag is approximately 5” in height, 7″ across and 3” thick on the side. The green cord and bead studded rigid handle is made for grasping. The bag sports a secure zipper closure and a lining of bright red. The inside bears the designer’s tag. The outer sides and zippered top are a multicolored paisley fabric.  Handcrafted in the Philippines; designed in the United States.

My mother calls me the Queen of Excess and I think this designer and I must be sisters in a former life! Since I always carry one of her bags, I’m always stopped by women asking about them. Be prepared for strangers to come up and compliment your purchase. They are the ultimate in femininity and really draw attention.

The exquisite bags are produced as limited editions…some more limited than others. When you see one you like, you need to buy it, since this designer is fond of retiring even the most popular bags…and, once she retires them, they are next to impossible to find again. I only have one in stock. Each is an “over the top” piece of art, handmade just for you by skilled artisans, based on her initial design. These handbags have an international following because each is so lush…. They are usually completely encrusted with beads and often semi precious gemstones.

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Dimensions 7 x 3 x 5 in


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