“We take our kids everywhere,…” Pillow


“We take our kids everywhere, But they keep finding their way back!” Humorous approach to parenting, wouldn’t you say? Perfect gift for yourself or anyone with two or more children!

Spools upon spools of colored threads craft the inimitable designs of our embroidered pillows. Geometric shapes, unique stitching and colorful patterns combine to form another desirable design element.

Please remember to dry-clean embroidered pillows in order to maintain patterns and colors.

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We strongly recommend professional cleaning of our pillows due to varying fabric and trimming contents. In particular, the fine details of our hand-painted and embroidered pillows are subject to damage during laundering; a professional cleaner will be able to minimize the risk of damage.

We do not advise that these pillows be washed at home. Again, professional cleaning is recommended for all finished pillows.

From gorgeous dupioni silks and delicate laces to pleated velvets and dense mohairs, these pillows feature only the finest fabrics. Each fabric has been individually selected to be adorned with a hand-painted masterpiece, an embellished embroidery, or simply to make a statement on its own. The pillows celebrate unique fabrics of the highest quality.

Hand-picked from around the globe, our trimmings are unmistakably beautiful. Whether South African beaded tape, Czech crystal gems, British beaded gimp, or hand-made tassels from right here in the United States, only the best were selected.

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Dimensions 13 x 5 x 10 in


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