The Culinary Bad Ass

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Culinary Bad Ass…that’s what he calls himself, and it’s true! Jason Seither personifies that self-appointed term and it’s well deserved. He IS a Culinary Bad Ass and anyone who eats at Seither’s Seafood, located in a neighborhood outside New Orleans, will tell you that.

It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. —Dizzy Dean

In a city where food is talked about by everyone, pretty much non-stop, Jason has risen to the top quickly, taking awards and accolades in stride. For example, in 2012, he won the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival (with a stuffed artichoke Po-Boy) and he also had the top ranked Roast Beef Po-Boy. In 2013, he won several seafood categories at the festival and was rated one of the top seafood places to eat during Lent. 2014…still more awards. He was ranked one of the top three places to eat crawfish in Nola this year by Tom Fitzmorris. Last month, he won the best of New Orleans Sushi Fest for Japanese Fusion. I could continue to list the praise and awards which other’s have bestowed; but I’m telling you now… Just Go!

I rarely eat fried food and Seither’s is the exception. I just can’t control myself when I’m in town, going as often as my waistline can handle. And admittedly, I usually get the same thing, its just so decadently good…an appetizer of fried oysters and something I call the “Kelley Salad.” (Yes, they handle “special” orders and allergies, too.) I just can’t seem to move away from the mix of fried green tomato quarters, blackened shrimp, fried soft-shell crab, avocado, and all the sauces they want to put on. Oh, yeah, right…on a bed of mixed greens. Yeah, that makes it healthy! Now that I’m writing this I wonder why I bother with the greens!

Food porn and the Culinary Bad Ass’s plating are synonymous. Just look at this:
Culinary Bad Ass Jason's Cheesy Fry Burger Po-Boy
Culinary Bad Ass Jason’s Cheesy Fry Burger Po-Boy
Out-of-the-way, but, happy and fun!

When people go to Seither’s on my suggestion, the first thing they say to me after their visit is how amazing the food was. The second thing they express, is surprise,…Seither’s is located in an out-of-the way quasi residential/industrial area that might kindly be described as tired, and a bit dodgy. It doesn’t matter,…really,…and it doesn’t matter that there’s no white linen for miles.

Jason and his team have created a fun place…a happy place, with consistently ingenious combinations served from the kitchen. Jason is happy, having fun, and it shows. Melding fresh Louisiana seafood, fresh produce, his mom’s recipes, and many other culture’s foods and cooking,…his picture should be next to the word “fusion cuisine” in the dictionary. He’s innovative; yet, at the same time respects ingredients and tradition. Further still, he’s always thinking out of the box, always trying new things, always pushing the boundaries of creativity in the kitchen.

And, he does use FRESH Louisiana seafood. That’s one part of his business, selling fresh seafood to cook/serve at home. Located at 279 Hickory Avenue, Harahan, Louisiana; that’s where you’ll find the seafood restaurant/retail store. They’re closed Sunday and Monday, typical in New Orleans. Their hours are: Tue-Thu: 11:00 am-8:00 pm, Fri: 11:00 am-9:00 pm, and Sat: 5:00 pm-9:00 pm.

I should add, Friday and Saturday nights are killer busy and long waits can be expected. I was surprised one game night that it was so easy to get in. People,…they have a big screen TV…now what do you think is on, if LSU or the Saints are playing?

You can also find Jason about town doing seafood boils and festivals. The pictures of Jason and his wife Tara in the above slider are from the Seafood Festival a couple weeks ago. I’ve also seen regular posts on his Seither’s Seafood Facebook page about doing boils at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak. I haven’t been there; but, imagine it’s great! How can you beat great live music, New Orleans, and the Culinary Bad Ass, Jason Seither?  You can’t. Go!!


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  1. Robert J. Alonzo
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    I’ve been to Jason’s a thousand times. I’ve even sat eating on one of the three picnic tables with umbrellas outside the front of the restaurant, during a New Orleans summer Friday night rain shower. It was worth braving a few raindrops for Eggplant Harahan with Blacken Shrimp!

    • Kelley
      | Reply

      I have sat outside in the rain there, also! What a coincidence! 🙂

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