Two Weeks in Tahiti

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Mom and I had the delightful pleasure of a cruise to Tahiti and then spent two weeks there. It was our second time, and it was lovely.

One of the many pleasures of the island is that, due to it being French, the baguettes there are fresh, amazing, and cheap…50 cents! Add to that, French imports are fairly inexpensive, so think Roquefort cheese. While I didn’t gain weight on the cruise, two weeks of fresh bread everyday, accompanied by the cheese, did not help my waistline.

One of the days there, we took a ferry back to Moorea. It was a great day at the beach! Mom relaxed in the shade, I was in full sun and loving it!

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  1. Brian Lockwood
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    Since Vietnam was colonized by the French, it’s another great country in which it’s easy to get fresh baguettes. If you have the time, I suggest visiting it..

    • Kelley
      | Reply

      It’s up there on my bucket list! Thanks for your suggestion!

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